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tv   Headline News  RT  August 16, 2014 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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ukraine recognizes russia's humanitarian convoy is carrying aid as it more than two hundred trucks with help for struggling civilians are being stalled at the border. russia ridicules online reports that one of its armored units has been destroyed in ukraine with no evidence no wreckage to back up the allegations from. the governor of missouri announces a state of emergency and brings in a curfew as rioters demanded justice for a teenager shot and killed by police in the us town of ferguson. the e.u. approves aid to kurdish fighters in iraq pouring more weapons into the war ridden
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country as terrorists from the islamic state a group reportedly massacre an entire village of kurds. broadcasting a line from our studios in moscow this is our squad to have you with us. now ukrainian authorities have officially recognized that russia's humanitarian convoy is in fact carrying aid moscow has been trying to send help to east ukraine where locals are suffering from shortages of food water and electricity but the convoy is stuck at the border as the sides try to agree on how to get it through to civilians more if an ocean is there for a few almost six hours of negotiations with russian. national red cross spokesperson said. ukrainian governments have agreed on the humanitarian aid from
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russia will be delivered to war torn eastern ukraine adding though that there's still remain two major challengers one is of course security concerns trucks carrying humanitarian cargo or he's expected to travel through red cross will be waiting for your insides to give them guarantees that the kind of on will be safe with another challenge and this is maybe even more important he's a convoy cannot start moving until it's checked by the red cross and the red cross is hardly wait in ukraine to give them green light to start inspections the aid convoy from russia has been stuck on the russian ukrainian border for almost three days already one of the major reasons behind that has that here too many questions to moscow regarding the congo itself at its root accusing morse code but it is trying to use the humanitarian corn boy as a pretext to send troops and weapons to support and t. he a father says in eastern ukraine we have to say though that for all of these time the
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location where two hundred eighty trucks are currently parked was open to media and many journalists including our channel have visited the location this is my reports from there food water medicine as well as warm blankets and sleeping bags welcome relief at a time of despair. this russian convoy has hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid destined for eastern ukraine and its help that saudi needed four months of end to tear up their ration has their towns and rooms more than two thousand people dead and many without clean water to drink. water which you will hear more. which. goes over to the other very. marketable initially it was here custard don't usually get when i go on the job and you know i. don't have to go. you know
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many of the show that. you're made to and a handful of western governments say russia could be using it as a cover for military support to and fighters it's not just exactly where the convoluted headed but it has certainly be travelling through crane's war torn regions and the drivers say they're worried about the safety of gravity when you're first but you have to practice thriller is probably the little we sped up on the news but i really got off before. all. the back were charged you up if you. actually. are going to put your what your work with the chinese critical person show was the old news when you brought in your group for the trip was a ship that would mushroom in your brain you're a woman with kirk broadfoot richardson on rickover and you need convoys really today but the red cross officials say it could take another week for international and ukrainian monitors to verify the cargo and decide on the route it will take he
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says ceasefire could be on the cards these two hundred eighty trucks have already covered one thousand kilometer distance to reach the borders but this is not their final destination now they are waiting to cross into ukraine to bring humanitarian aid they're carrying to those wind desperate need for weeks locals have been sheltering in dark basements surviving on doing clean supplies here in newtown and these are some of the people calling up to the material help that's already tagged and waiting to be delivered. race nationality russian ukrainian border. meanwhile russia has dismissed the as nonsense report that a military convoy has crossed from its territory into ukraine the rebuttal was in response to the ukrainian president who boasted that many of the vehicles had been destroyed the un us and european o. s. c.e. who have their experts in the area say that they cannot confirm camps allegations
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russia has said quite clearly that no military vehicles have gone across its border there exists no russian military convoy that crossed the russian ukrainian border either at night or during the day let's hope the ukrainian army only destroyed a phantom and not refugees or their own soldiers now the story was broken by a pair of british journalists working for the u.k. the guardian and the telegraph newspapers they posted on twitter that they had witnessed the incursion which happened at night as proof they posted pictures showing armored personnel carriers on a road at an undisclosed location during the day now despite the severity of the claims of the lack of evidence the allegations were taken at face value by a number of western politicians and we spoke to political analysts and investigative journalists on the matter this is what they had to say. but this invasion that happens the ukrainians the nato would have been desperate to get video of this of photographs are up on the internet it's on the t.v.
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see here is proof of a russian putin led invasion of ukraine and they also have to ask this if the russians were going to invade ukraine would they just send in some armored personnel carriers lightly armored vehicles this is the twenty first century in modern times you don't wage a war by rolling in twenty three tanks warfare in modern times as waged with drones and fighter helicopters there were an actual russian military invasion of ukraine we would know about it and there would be no debate about it would be absolutely insane to russia to that would be absolutely in changeful for a russian armored vehicles to go in they advertised what they were knowing that everybody's got cameras everybody can take photographs and knowing the little situation regarding this conflict it would be absolutely suicidal brush it to do that the ukrainian army says it is in the last stages of its operation in the east of the country it claims that street fights are underway and done yet scandal gun
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scans and pushes out anti-government forces this is what constant shelling has been doing to these cities at least four civilians were killed in the latest attacks and locals say that they don't know why they are being targeted. do you think you are just told what you should know but. you should study. your. feelings for the next day son so you say you look for a student. or work for. her. meanwhile seventeen more ukrainian troops have crossed the border into russia fleeing the fighting in the east it is the latest incident but far from the biggest two weeks ago more than four hundred that ukrainian soldiers illegally crossed the border into russia seeking sanctuary here's how two of those who just made it out
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of ukraine explained their decision. my unit was surrounded and the only way to save ourselves was to go into russia or to the region very different i want to go home and just stay there i have a family i'm still young i don't want to die but we will mobilize and they just sent to us because i'm grateful i'm glad that i'm still a lawyer if not i wouldn't be standing here in front of you. amidst all this the e.u. is threatening more potential sanctions against russia blaming it for the violence in eastern ukraine however the unanimous support required is quickly falling away slovakia's prime minister criticized them as a meaningless gesture that would threaten economic growth in e.u. member states while the czech president claimed that the restrictions themselves are ineffective and could lead to a spiral of worsening relations that achieve nothing that divide has deepened even further after russia's retaliatory ban on western produced food leaving food
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exporters facing billions in losses earlier we spoke to the european union's ambassador to russia he hopes for a quick return to business as usual. of course some companies may may may face some losses. we'll be looking for as alternatives as i said specially those countries and those exporters of market who have been under scrutiny of appropriate russian situations here face and sanctions and barriers they have successfully overcome by finding a new. however of course we came to maintain that trade value russian customer and i am sure the russian customer values european product and i hope will come back to business as usual soon now in a related story kiev has reiterated it doesn't know where missing russian photographer on the day standing is the interior ministry suggested anti-government
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forces could be holding him he disappeared in eastern ukraine ten days ago and the ukrainian military has appeared conflicted on whether they have him or not now at first they denied it then an interior ministry spokesperson confirmed in an interview to a lot via radio station that they did indeed have a stand in captive accusations of assisting terrorists but then backtracked blaming a bad translation russia the u.n. and international human rights groups are now demanding that the correspondent is immediately released a social media campaign called free andrew is now under way and there have been several flash mobs around the world in support. now a state of emergency has been brought in for the whole of missouri and a curfew brought in for the town of ferguson it has been rocked by on the rest of the death of an unarmed teenager caused
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a public outrage and subsequent rallies met a strong response from the authorities the police officer responsible for the killing has since been named the controversial incident has reached the residence of the president of the united states dozens of people gathered in front of the white house to protest against. police brutality in the united states protesters also demanded the. police force as well as justice for the teen who was killed. reports from. the streets calling for justice in the case. eighteen year old unarmed. police officer be fined the killing has been released danny wilson is twenty eight years old he is white and we do know that he has been kept in the police by the
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ever since the shooting took place earlier we spoke with one of the attorney michael brown's family and this is what he told about the information that's been released by the police. is a lot more we need to learn about him especially if. you know his. those things are crucial to determining. what we spoke to some people. the information being released today you know with the name we kind of information . you know we. got to initially out. afraid to come out here because when i saw our the militia you know the police out here showing brzezinski threatening our weapons in this hour presenting themselves in a threatening manner i was afraid to come out here because when i said tear gas in
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any manner that they were approaching and read arresting people the atmosphere here is certainly shifted somewhat because for the first four nights what we saw were pretty violent clashes between mostly of very heavily militarized police who are using tear gas and rubber bullets people don't understand why. held by much by i. think we are not in the camp that. the protests in ferguson have led to some criminal groups are taking the opportunity to loot local shops some people formed lines to protect the businesses there and protesters claim that the police aggression against the rallies is out of proportion the use of tear gas in ferguson sparked a somewhat unexpected online response from across the atlantic with the palestinians taking to twitter advising protesters not to wash their eyes if they are hit with tear gas and also urging them to try and keep calm and to avoid
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running into the wind now tear gas can have severe health effects they include temporary blindness breathing problems miscarriages as well as heart and liver damage but tear gas is not the only tool used by police to counter the mostly peaceful rallies in ferguson and m. four rifle actually is also in the security forces arsenal a weapon used in various military conflicts now police have also been reinforced by light armored vehicles which were in service in afghanistan and iraq also an m k eleven sniper rifle. also used in combat it was seen as necessary to tackle the peaceful rallies law enforcement expert john whitehead believes the police are overreacting. a number of studies show that once you put on the gear as a policeman in your training you start acting like a military unit like you're in a patrol and unfortunately what happens is the psychology changes and
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a lot of these little policemen when they're approaching a house for a swat team or a it's like they're moving in on our car and supposedly we're the masters and they're the servants but you know it first and they're telling people to back off twenty five feet get in the zone they're violating their free speech rights you have a right to walk up to a civil servant and say sir why you doing this why you're here there pointing guns at people and chasing them away that's not a policeman anymore again that's the military and that's what we're dealing with most police agencies operate basically any way they want of the local city councils and politicians just let them go. as i've written in the number of instances i've seen. the local citizens get they get down to local city council meeting they get their signs and they say we're not moving into you change this thing if not you go see tyranny in this country this is this is the face of the government today what you're seeing in ferguson and it's only going to get worse if we don't back you know. coming up a hero hands back his medal. and
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a hail to forsake jewish child during world war two says he's returning it in protest at israel's bombardment of gaza. and find out what steps the case says it is willing to take to help iraqi kurds in their fight against jihadists all that after short break what you are to international. hours in a deep spiral more resources are scarce and people are going to war to get control of the remaining resources the workspace everyone against everyone everyone's at each other stroke because all that money printing did not. work it was a failure it calls the very question it was going to eliminate. miserably but as a result everyone's got up to their neck in blood. sweden
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or finland to bring to join nato that would provoke some sort of free action on the part of russia far as military calculus is concerned not what faces humanity east the west north and south lawn of it can't be solved by military means or crafts or satellites or nuclear weapons is outdated it should go like cannibalism and slavery and child labor it doesn't belong to civilization to kill each other. back this is our team international now a dutchman honored by israel for saving a jewish child during the second world war hasn't returned his medal after six of
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his relatives were killed in gaza and the ninety one year old hank wrote a moving letter to the israeli ambassador he said keeping the honor israel granted to him would be an insult to his mother as well as to other family members who were affected by the attack in gaza those who survived the strike are dealing with the shock of what happened. half an hour before our house was shelled two cars from gaza came to take us away coming to a new place i went to buy some food and when i came back my uncle told me my father was dead my younger brothers think our father went to heaven and my sisters were told he went to egypt for presents an article that this house was shelled on july twentieth by israeli air forces without any warning my six family members were killed as a result my mother three brothers my brother's wife and a nephew and four story house was completely destroyed what's going on in gaza at
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the moment is an aggression of occupation forces against the people who live under occupation is seek justice and stand for the independence eighty percent of the victims is civilians with children and women among them no doubt what's going on is an aggression strikes on houses and schools without a warning the shelling of playgrounds bombardments on the first day of festivities what other thing can you call it the shelling of hospitals and emergency vehicles what can you call it. and of course we have more stories of for you on our website including when absolute power corrupts absolutely. texas governor and former presidential nominee rick perry to be charged with illegally taking advantage of his position find out what got him in hot water on r t dot com and we should say as a candidate. in british schools unveiled islamic he jobs are soon to be
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found on the shelves of a top u.k. retailer resold as part of a school uniform and find out more about that are to dumb come as well. in iraq militants from the terror group known as the islamic state have reportedly slaughtered an entire kurdish village around eighty people the jihadists are expanding the. warders of their domain which is already made up of vast swathes of land on which they have proclaimed their own caliphate now the village was inhabited by young people a religious minority considered by the extremists to be double worshippers thousands of them have already fled fearing the sweeping advance of the islamic state group that it would reach their homes foreign ministers have agreed to supply arms to the kurdish forces to help them fight the militants boyko assesses what it could lead to. heart something heels of the u.s. and france the u.k.
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has announced its readiness to supply arms directly to kurdish forces which are trying to fight off brutal jihadists in northern iraq the u.k. has said we will also consider favorably any requests for supplies of arms we already shipping ammunition and supplies mother eastern european countries into a bill but there are fears the lessons of the past haven't been learnt it's a quick fix to to think that you can arm a group or send an aircraft and bomb and so on but that doesn't deal with the problem main problem is that the politicians don't plan ahead to always reacting to crises in syria the west backed the rebels who then warped into the mix state the very problem now being faced across the border in iraq and the two thousand and eleven western backed overthrow of colonel gadhafi led to three years of political chaos in libya with weapons again falling into the wrong hands and according to the un flooding west africa now the kurds need help fighting jihadists but what
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happens if they win with western weapons in hand to now on the kurdish fighters testifies to a tokenistic and indeed a short term solution to a very real problem which is to fight back isis let's not forget that by arming the kurdish fighters what is actually being in car. reached is the breakup of iraq as a sovereign entity the kurds are desperate for independence from iraq and when the slam makes state was a problem only in the south of the country the prospect of an autonomous north began to look at spain a bowl last month one iraqi kurdish leader told local lawmakers to plan for an independence referendum i don't think we should be encouraging secession in the middle east are simply. means to the front of the sea it's quite honestly independence would be complicated because you could create problems in turkey and
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syria under rockets but to encourage them in this way is. the iraq government sources in the british media reports that he came to stress that the u.k. is not moving towards direct military intervention in iraq and that sending arms is consistent with the government's response to a humanitarian crisis critics fear arming because scared facilitate the breakup of iraq but for those in favor the need to stop the islam makes states murderous campaign is so precious saying that leaders may have resigned themselves to achieving their short term goal of driving terrorists out of northern iraq first and worrying about the long term consequences later boyko artsy london. middle east a journalist who has covered the region extensively believes that the e.u.
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and us are not interested in totally crushing islamic state. they are reacting they are not pretty active in preventing actually the civilians of being attacked by isis groups and these isis troops they are well known where they are where they move they could be attacked before hand that they are not doing this. leads to the conclusion from my side that these isis groups are working in some way in coordination with western interests as far as syria is concerned that's where isis has grown over the last year or so and they did not do anything to stop isis in syria. those who want to get involved to stop isis in iraq are allied with isis in syria but we still should be doing everything we can to
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support the free syrian opposition who will continue to provide military assistance and advice to the iraqi government and kurdish forces as they battle these terrorists. now take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world for you this hour we start in africa in mali two u.n. peacekeepers have been killed and at least nine injured in a car bomb a suicide attack the vehicle exploded near a united nations patrol base about sixty kilometers east of the northern city of timbuktu it is the third attack on u.n. staff in the last week no group has. claimed responsibility for the attack as of yet. there is fighting has again erupted between two rival militias in the libyan capital tripoli the two brigades and made up of former rebels who helped oust former leader moammar gadhafi. excuse me are now battling for control of parts
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of the city now the country's newly elected parliament voted to dismantle the militias the u.n. special envoy to libya is expected in tripoli next week to help establish a ceasefire between the two you are. next on our to international we meet people living with a rare genetic condition and if you're watching us in the u.k. it's a sputnik with george galloway stay with us. baltimore is considering making their curfew for minors even stricter for the last twenty years children caught on the street up until midnight were in deep trouble with the police but now this we meet even. earlier starting at nine or ten pm depending on their age and the day of the week can the government impose a curfew on youths well yes if we think about it people under eighteen can't sign
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contracts join the army smoke cigarettes or vote because they're legally not responsible for their own actions so yeah that whole freedom of association guaranteed by the constitution really only applies once you're an adult who can in theory be responsible for associating with certain people on a street corner at midnight although legally this is ok ideologically there's something wrong with the idea i remember hearing in school all the talk about living in the greatest country on earth and how many freedoms we have in america but the problem is that it is hard for teenagers to believe all these nice slogans when they have to dodge police just for walking down the street in their own home town getting a two hundred fifty dollar fine for leaving your house doesn't make you feel like you're living in the greatest country on earth i mean it sure didn't let me put a curfew in my neighborhood in the ninety's but that's just my opinion.
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doesn't make. it. one of the less you were wrong clinton to. the new york mets. are you going to be in the spirit. that is a ladder that i needed so the manager who supports us all spoke with. a lot more was written who would remit the book on your. new would be truer to me are the so going to love to have them go to school.


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